Beware of Ads for Great Rates on Bank CDs

If you can work with a traditional bank, you’re likely to get better interest rates. You can get a loan here if your credit isn’t great, but you’ll pay a high rate for it. You can get cash.

Most bank CDs renew automatically for the same term at whatever the prevailing interest rate is at the CD’s maturity. Usually, you have a time period such as a 10-business day window to withdraw all the funds, principal and interest, penalty free. This clause will also be part of your initial agreement with the bank.

Here’s One of the Best Bank Ads I’ve Ever Seen. By Kevin Stirtz | In: Sales & Marketing. I was reading one of our local business magazines recently. I usually flip around rather than read from front to back. Because of my random style of reading, I found myself perusing the back of the magazine where they had small display ads for companies.

Interest rates have started falling for the first time in three years, but borrowers shouldn’t sit back and accept what their bank gives them. There are much better rates available for those who look.

United Bank is offering both short term and intermediate term special CDs and the best CD rates are on the bank’s short term cds. 3 month special CD rates at United Bank are at 1.64 percent with an APY of 1.65 percent. 7 Flex Up CD rates from United Bank are currently at.

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Interest rates have been on the rise, but finding a safe place to stash your savings is still tough. Bank savings accounts recently yielded. but it’s important to do so with care. As the late,

The ad, from First Financial Guarantee, offers a rate significantly higher than the 2.75 percent rate for a six-month CD I found on or the 2.60 percent rate on I called the telephone number and was told that the CD could not be opened from my home state (Colorado), as that was not legal.

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Definition: A CD, or certificate of deposit, is a savings account that has a fixed interest rate and fixed date of withdrawal, known as the maturity date. CDs also typically don’t have monthly fees. Risk: There isn’t much risk involved in opening a CD; they are issued by banks and.