Colorado makes late play for legal sports betting

Gambling Laws In Colorado And The usa affecting sports betting. colorado in general has a lot of legal gambling available. Although it’s still technically illegal, they allow charitable gambling, pari-mutuel gambling, lotteries, commercial gambling, tribal gambling, and even racetrack gambling.

Colorado is the latest of a plethora of states that have moved to legalize sports betting following last May’s landmark ruling of the US Supreme Court. The nation’s top court lifted a long-standing federal ban on the practice , thus enabling each and every state to legalize and regulate sports gambling, if they feel inclined to do so.

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 · DENVER – A new sports betting bill was introduced in Colorado on Thursday as the legislative session nears its end. Better Late Than Never. Colorado State House Majority Leader Alec Garnett and Minority Leader Patrick Neville both introduced CO HB 1327 to legalize sports betting in the state. This bill has come late into the legislative session, as it ends on May 3.


The Finance Committee of the Colorado House of Representatives is working on a bill that would place a measure on the November 2019 ballot to allow legal sports betting in the state. Voters would be asked whether to apply a 10% flat tax on net proceeds, and tax revenues would range from USD 4 million to USD 10 million a year.

Or maybe you’re hosting some buddies for a poker night or throwing $20 into an office March Madness pool, hoping the Buffs make the Sweet Sixteen. Whether in your office break room or a betting window, Colorado’s gambling laws cover all of these activities in the rocky mountain state. This is a brief summary of gambling laws in Colorado.

A group of senators and representatives in Colorado have joined forces and decided to put forward the bill which aims to legalize in-person, web-based as well as mobile sports wagering in the state. The Bill HB 19-1327 has already been introduced to the House and.

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Former Denver Broncos Hit The Field For ‘Dare To Play’ Football CampFormer Denver Broncos Ed McCaffrey joined other players and the. Colorado could have legal sports betting as early as the.