Florida counterfeit credit card operation funded Colorado pot grow house, feds say

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According to the indictment, the IRA 13 and their co-conspirators were so sophisticated that they had to learn the importance of targeting "purple states like Colorado, Virginia & Florida" in the.

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EUGENE, Ore. – Nine defendants residing in and around Corvallis, Oregon face conspiracy charges related to a credit card "bust-out" fraud scheme and an interstate marijuana distribution operation funded by the fraud. A credit card "bust-out" is a fraud scheme that begins with perpetrators obtaining credit cards and accumulating large.

In Florida, where only 13 companies are licensed to grow marijuana – and only seven can sell it – the importance of having a financial partner becomes even more pronounced given the amount of.

Once cohorts from around the nation stole credit card numbers via websites or skimming devices at gas stations, federal prosecutors say, the stolen numbers got fed to South Florida for making fake credit cards. investigators say those cards were made in Apt. 213 at 1095 West 77th St., a one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo that the criminal.

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Federal agents say proceeds from a Miami-Dade man’s South Florida-based counterfeit credit card operation funded a marijuana grow house in Colorado. Jose Cardentey Hernandez was arrested by United.

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