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Evaluate Your Lawn. Going "nuclear" shouldn’t be your first option. Instead, start with spot applications of weed killer, dethatching and core aeration. But if you still see more than 60 percent weeds at the start of the next growing season, your lawn is too far gone to save. Your best option is to nuke it and replant.

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Make your home more disaster resistant. Find out from your insurance agent or company representative what steps you can take to make your home more resistant to windstorms and other natural disasters. You may be able to save on your premiums by adding storm shutters, reinforcing your roof or buying stronger roofing materials.

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5 Ways to Save on Lawn Care Tips for keeping your lawn green and healthy without spending much green.. but Lemcke says you shouldn’t try to emulate it in your own yard. Set your lawn mower high.

Combine permaculture gardening techniques and edible landscaping ingenuity in your garden by growing perennial vegetables. You’ll be surprised by how little work garden perennials require when.

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Preventative Maintenance Can Save Money, Headaches and Hassles;. and we have the management and service team to make it as if it were your own. MVP Estate Management & Home Services will tailor a plan that’s a perfect fit for you and your home. Contact Jim at MVP Aspen for your free consultation and discover what full-service property.

Inspect the exterior of your home. Is any paint chipping? Is any siding damaged from winter?. Getting it serviced by a professional should be around $100 or less, and it will save money and headaches down the road.. Summer is a great time to focus on the exterior of your home, as well as your lawn and garden. It’s also perfect for.