Sharks seek steadier play at Vancouver

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After an impressive 8-2-1 record in October, what about the Tampa Bay Lightning’s start to the season feels different from 2017-18’s record setting October?

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SAN JOSE – Through the first six games of their season, the San Jose Sharks scored two power-play goals on 21 attempts, a 9.5-percent success rate. They exorcised those demons early in their game.

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Sharks seek steadier play at Vancouver.. play for in their final three regular-season games after securing home-ice advantage in the opening round of the playoffs. But heading into Tuesday’s.

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At 68 games, the Lightning clinched a playoff berth in the second-fewest games since 2005-06, equaling the 2008-09 san jose sharks and one behind the. "Players, their dreams are to play in the NHL,